Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm


Quiet Storm is a breathtaking look into the heart of Mother Nature’s power and grace. The image, captured in springtime along the Gulf of Mexico, is the product of 10 months of hard work filming this rugged coastal shore. “I kept going back to this beach over and over again” recalls Brett reflecting on the challenge of capturing Quiet Storm. “I knew from the moment I found it that it had the potential to be an amazing shot. That night I traveled there during a calm afternoon and for some reason as the sun began to set two storms collided overhead and all hell broke loose!” Brett’s experience on that beach nearly turned disastrous. The secluded beach offered him little coverage to avoid the intense lighting that crashed around him only minutes after capturing Quiet Storm. He took refuge in nearby mangroves for 45 minutes before the storm moved on and he could hike down the coast back to safer ground. “I’ll never forget my experience filming Quiet Storm… it was definitely worth it.”

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