Brett Donnelly

Artist. Photographer. Lighting Designer.

Brett Donnelly


Brett Donnelly is one of the most innovative artists in his field. Recognized as a leading expert on photography, his unusual techniques create images that are celebrated as both rare and significant. Brett’s passion and dedication for his art is unmatched and he is quickly becoming one of America’s most exciting up-and-coming artists.

Born in Michigan to entrepreneurial parents, Brett learned from an early age to be ambitious in life. His adventurous spirit was evident as a child and his family embraced his desire to learn and explore. Brett is a completely self taught artist and his passion for photography began as a young man. His desire to document our natural world became an obsession and in 2008 he decided to pursue his art. Traveling from Northern Canada to Southern Chile he began to traverse our planet in search of untold stories of rare light and natural wonders. His creative perspective on our visual world has allowed him to create timeless and unique images to share with humanity through his limited edition and original prints.

Brett has owned five art galleries in the United States and is represented by galleries around the world.  Brett is also a leading expert in lighting design and light source technologies. As an LC (Lighting Certified by the NCQLP), he has contributed to the advancement of both the LED and the electromagnetic induction lamp. Brett has lectured to university students, architects, engineers, lighting designers and interior designers on the interactions between the human eye and our visual environment. He has designed energy-efficient, long lasting light sources and luminaires for lighting manufacturing companies. As a lighting designer he has designed lighting systems for museums, performing arts centers, theme parks, hospitals, courthouses, hotels, office buildings and high-end residences. His knowledge of lighting principles, the electromagnetic spectrum and the human eye has allowed him to forge a unique ability to photograph the world’s great landscapes in a way unlike any other.

Applying his knowledge to the mechanical camera was a natural transition for Brett that has allowed him to both capture time and natural light in a harmonious way that brings out the true beauty of Mother Nature’s color, clarity and uniformity. Using his camera as a time-capsule, Brett has forged new methods of capturing long-exposure photographs, revealing the awesome power of natural light.